“Leave the roads;
take the trails.”

- Pythagoras

Introducing Terreno, a collection of modern condos and townhomes embraced by vast nature and sweeping trails.


True to the meaning of its name, Terreno is composed around nature. The architecture is both modern and simple, and designed to protect the surrounding nature and compliment the surrounding developments. The overall plan provides an aesthetic that seamlessly blends in the surroundings.

Terreno plans make a tremendous effort to minimize the impact to the environment by dedicating the majority of the property to parkland. It also leaves open space for hiking trails and outlines a restoration and protection plan for environmentally sensitive areas.

Site Map

Preliminary design – subject to change. This is not an offering for sale. Only such offering can be made with a disclosure statement.

Public Consultation

We want to hear from you! We have created an online form for you, our neighbours, to provide any feedback, questions or concerns you may have. All information will be taken into consideration and will be anonymous as we move forward with this development.